1st platform in organ transplantation dedicated to supervision and operational coordination

+ 4 Years of R&D

Simplified and intuitive platform

The platform brings together all the elements necessary for optimal coordination. All actors are grouped together in a single channel: collection coordination, transplant coordination, carriers, supervisory agency.

We have developed this tool with you, for you.

For Hospitals:

  • Plan the route (estimated time to operating room)
  • Improve graft management times (cold ischemia)
  • Be alerted in real time
  • Participate in clinical research
  • Track your performance indicators

For carriers:

  • Monitor in real time
  • Streamline the transport route
  • Ensure the quality of your transportation 
  • Be a criterion of choice for hospitals
  • Improve your service

For the supervisory agency:

  • Be alerted on case of emergency in a real-time
  • Interact with the field by a live chat
  • Redirect unassigned organs

An intelligent and autonomous sensor

The E-GRAFT platform is connected to a sensor that tracks data in real time. Live monitor the temperature, location, shocks, and many other parameters.

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