E-stella has won 2 awards during the ILTS exhibition in Toronto

E-stella has won 2 awards during the ILTS exhibition in Toronto

STELLA SURGICAL attended to the 2019 ILTS congress (International Liver Transplantation Society) in Toronto from May 15th to May 18th.

The International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS) is a young, vibrant growing organization of approximately 1200 international members belonging to a multidisciplinary variety of specialists and healthcare providers, who have joined the organization to promote the focus of ILTS – the advancement of the science and practice of liver transplantation by sharing their clinical and educational experiences and research results at an international level.

This year, STELLA SURGICAL introduced its app e-Stella allowing the real-time measurement of steatosis level in liver graft through a single picture taken with a ubiquitous smartphone. This app is equipped with artificial intelligence and will be used during hepatic transplantation procedures as a support for the surgical team in its decision of liver graft acceptance.

During the exhibition, STELLA SURGICAL representatives have had the opportunity to introduce e-Stella and hve won two awards: one for the most significant innovation in the field and another one for the most disruptive innovation in the field.


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