STELLA SURGICAL launches its clinical study with APHP (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris)

At the begining of 2019, the biomedecine agency launched a call for project. In april 2019, STELLA SURGICAL was chosen among 10 projects of 109 folders.

Thanks to this subvention of 40 000 € we are launching a clinical study in collaboration with APHP.

This study will allow us to improve our algorithms of prediction and image processing and transform our solution into a functional application which can be used by the surgeons.

The medical study will be conducted on the data (graft images, biological datas, hepatic biopsy results) of donor patients livers. The experimental project is comprised of two steps : It was devised to be achievable in the delay of 18 months including the time to collect the data and to process the data : identification, training and testing artificial intelligence algorithms (cohort test : 12 months). The cohort of validation will begin in the 2nd year.

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